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1952 AD4-NA SkyRaider


Note: All ITAR regulations and clearance requirements will be complied with--required if exported or sold to non U.S. Citizen.




1952 Douglas AD4-NA Skyraider
4000 TTSN
SN 126882-SF8

Combat History documented by the Navy.
Fully aerobatic but extremely stable and easy to fly

Engine(s) / Prop(s)

Wright R3350-26WD
800 SMOH by Alameda Naval Air Station

Prop 745 hours


Apollo GX 65 GPS/COMM
Becker AR3209 COMM
ARC 400 Marker Beacon Receiver
Dual Collins Proline 51R7 NAVs
Collins 51V5 Glideslope
King 61 DME
RCA AVQ-95 Transponder
King KA-25 Isolation Amplifier

Additional Equipment

Engine Pre-oiler
Bubble canopy
Original pilot's gunsight
Two passenger seats in fuselage with doors on either side.
Pilot & passenger relief tubes
Electric adjustable pilot's seat
Inboard fuel capacity---380 gallons
Two 150 gallon drop tanks
Boosted ailerons
Folding wings

Spares package includes:
One engine in the can with 600 SMOH and 0 SIRAN
One engine disassembled
18 factory new cylinders
Set of wheels & brakes
4 main tires & 2 tail wheel tires
Horizontal stabilizer
Cowl motor actuator
Misc avionics & instruments


Authentic Vietnam camouflage in dark green & tan. Bottom surfaces white. Excellent condition.


Cockpit and ECM areas have been stripped and restored to original condition.

Modifications / conversions


Inspection status