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What Our Customers are Saying





Hi Albert Sent: Sat 1/29/2011

You were 100% correct!!

This airplane and the kind of flying it allows is crazy great - exceeds all hopes

 I finally had a chance to meet Dave and we had a great time checking me out in the Airwolf

Everything has exceeded expectations

 Thank you for leading the process and, in the end getting me to "Man Up" and do what was right (for everyone).

Dave indicated you are one of th few guys in the business that is the real deal, trustworthy and has a passion for it.

The Airwolf and having my own plane is proving to be great in all dimensions

the following is shared because they are funny and to be expected - this stuff is becoming legend

This is really fun and better than hoped.

The people I have met are great.

I am learning and enjoying the plane in unreasoanble amounts.

The costs are reasonable and not scary

Your direction on Escrow and title insurance were spot on, not a worry in the world!!

Your call on the airplane and how much I would enjoy the world from it's cockpit were excellent

As I told Dave, it was the first time since I was with Linda M___ in the back of my Mom's 1967 Ford station wagon that everything, including my soxs were moist - what a great thing!

Hope all is well with you

Thanks again for making this happen